Our Team

We are 3 women, 3 mothers. Who works together to bring Nanita alive!

Elia Gressin (Founder)

I’m a French-peruvian woman, mom, wife, who lives in Miami since 2011.

Since I was a child I was fascinated with my grandmother’s medicinal herbs and plants.  “Mama Greta” used to tell me Plants are our sisters, and Mother Nature’s daughters because they can heal and restore our body and soul. My fascination with plants and natural medicine never ceased.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, after months of treatment, recovering and been so happy because everything was over, the cancer came back… I decided not to be frustrated, i decided I need a change in my life!

So, I study to became Infant massage instructor and Doula. But was trying to help my daughter who developed, a terrible skin rash, traditional medicine couldn’t solve it. I (re)discover my passion, and decided to study plants increasing my naturopathy knowledge, plant chemistry, and undertake natural cosmetic training.  Finally, through knowledge, love, and maternal instinct, I was able to develop an ointment that worked! Since then I have been working on other products to help appease my pain (my skin was almost destroyed with radiotherapy) and the pain of other people.


Berenice Vargas : Branding

She is an awarded and talented artist from Cuzco, Peru.

Berenice is the one who created Nanita’s Universe.

She is at the head of Totemiq a cultural enterprise who puts arts and respect for her heritage and the artists who works for her at the top.

Olga Huerta

She is the one who make us focus and do all the Marketing and Social Media for Nanita. She created together with several talented artists, Ciempies a marketing agency who help start ups, to became bigger and successful!











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    We are a brand that creates high-quality clothes while maintaining comfort, softness, and beauty throughout every collection. Our goal is to bring good quality products while engaging in fairtrade for our manufacturers.
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